Sunday, January 31, 2010

I won something.

The lovely Kellyansapansa tagged me with this award and it was a very nice surprise indeed.

I need to list 7 interesting things about myself.

Not sure how interesting these things will be - but I'll give it my best shot :)

1) I am becoming much more creative as I get older. I'm also becoming happier and happier as I get older - so there could be some connection there...

2) I will be having botox (or something of that ilk)as a 40th birthday present to myself.
I never would have thought that I would do anything like that - but nothing like having your 36th birthday to get you REALLY thinking about stuff like that!
I might add that Sd is four years younger than me - and uses eye cream!
That may have contributed to my decision.

3) My birthday and my sister's birthday are one day apart. I am two years older than her.

4) I have zero idea about football (soccer) but I LOVE to get up in the middle of the night for a couple of weeks every 4 years to watch the World Cup.
Can't explain why - but I absolutely love it!!

5) I have a fully fledged love/hate relationship with working anywhere near customer service.
Can't live with the general public, can't live without them.

6) I did 4 years of my Naturopathy diploma ( it took 6 years back in the day) and although loved every minute of it - stopped at the end of the fourth year.
I realised though that I would always struggle to make a living and that the world ( at least the Australian 'world') was about to be flooded with Naturopaths. I took my career in a different direction and have never regretted it.

7) I used to believe in Astrology. I no longer do.

I tag these beautiful bloggers;

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They are all very different from one another but are all beautiful!!



Kellyansapansa said...

As hard as these things are to write, I love reading other people's lists. Rest assured that you ARE interesting! And thanks for some new blogs to check out :o)

GregoryJ said...

Congratulations to you.

And thank you for picking me.
It's only my second award, so I still get excited.
I've already done it and passed it on.

I tried e mailing you but it got rejected.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Congratulations, and thanks, Megs, from the bottom of my heart! This is actually my FIRST award, and I'm ridiculously giddy about it! You ROCK!!

I passed my along today, as well!

Iris said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'll get to it today (promise).

Funny that you are thinking about Botox - when I was younger (and had the luxury of dismissing it as selfish and vain!), I was firm that I'd never do it. Now, however, I have the most irritating frown line on my forehead and am no longer entirely opposed...