Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White wine anyone?

Hi there!

It's been a while hasn't it!
I don't actually have time to type a post really but I miss my blog and you all - so I just wanted to send you my fond regards!

J is 7 weeks old now and everything is great. I feel like everything is going as well as it could be. This week I am trying to start a bit of a routine - which includes time to write here - so please don't hold your breath or anything - but maybe by the end of the week I might be back! So wish me luck!

I have had quite the long day today - hence my white wine reference.
Quite frankly, I would drink pretty much anything alcoholic at this point. Except maybe methylated spirits. Got to draw the line somewhere haven't we?

No, it's not that bad...but if someone brought me an icy glass of sauvignon blanc, I reckon I would give them a pretty great reception!

Hope everything is going well for you all - out there in the real world!

Hope to talk to you soon!