Thursday, May 27, 2010

Glee night!

Hi all,

I've had a hard day at the office (aka home). J is going through a bit of an unsettled phase at the moment. He knows what he'd like to be doing but he's not sure how to make it happen. So he's a bit frustrated. And...I'm a bit tired.

Anyhoo, I'm eating Smiths Salt and Vinegar Chips and having a glass of wine and looking forward to watching 'Glee'. Sd is on baby duty - which he is happy to do because it's been a few days since they've been able to hang out together.
I only started watching this show 2 weeks ago when they had the Madonna special - and I love love love it.
It is exactly the right kind of escapism I need right now. I've never really appreciated escapism before. Now, I get it. I love my life, but I get it.
If you haven't watched it yet, give it one only episode. You'll be either enraptured or looking for the remote.
I was on the enraptured team in the first minute.


Monday, May 24, 2010


I've decided to hit the Refresh button on my life.

I have survived the first four months of motherhood and I'm ready to 'get on with it'. I feel like my life is a bit stagnant. Time to change things up a bit.

There is so much I want to do. Here is my list so far;

1) exercise daily - like I used to.
2) work one or two days a week
3) learn to use the sewing machine I got for Christmas
4) do a post here per day
5) learn how to use our coffee machine ( you know, in case of caffeine emergencies! I took one look at it when we got it and decided that coffee making was Sd's job.)
6) sort out our family budget
7) organise our holiday for the end of this year. 2 weeks at the beach - can't wait!
8) read regularly - I've done well in the last week or so because I started reading Oprah's unauthorised biography by Kitty Kelly and it's fascinating.
9) go and see someone about my anxiety. I really thought that I had gotten on top of it. But no.
The last thing J needs is an overly anxious mother.
10) decide what I want to do next - another baby? think about planning to open the store I've had in the back of my mind? something else?

There are about a million more things floating around in my head but I wont get carried away. I think these are more than enough for now!

Ps. Happy 4 months J - you're the best baby ever. xxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo


Monday, May 17, 2010

Tiny Dancer.

How amazing is this little boy? What a gift he has!

His name is Luke Spring and he is seven. Bless!

I want to do 'over the tops' and wear orange tap shoes too.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Things I like on Saturday (on Sunday).

This week I have spent the whole week 'on the road'. Sd went to Armidale, Tamworth and Narrabri for work so J and I went too. It was fun, but hard work, but fun. A three month old in a car or a hotel room for an extended period of time works for no one. Let me tell you!
I'm running a day late with this post because I have been wading around in all our dirty washing.Nice.
I haven't really been able to discover many new things this week...but I have managed to find a few;

* The Circle.

I love the women on this show. I watched this every day last week and I often watch it at home when I am feeding J. The hosts of this show - Chrissie Swan, Yumi Stynes, Denise Drysdale and Gorgi Coghlan - are all very natural, real and funny. That's what I want to see on daytime TV or any TV for that matter. It's not rocket science and it has infomercials galore but these people are authentic and it's a breath of fresh TV air. It's on Channel 10, 10 - 12 each morning.

* Addison Road/Marrickville Growers markets.

We went to these markets today for the second weekend in a row. You can get all kinds of organic fruit and vege, eggs, cheese, meat here. It's all really inexpensive and a relaxed environment to shop in - which is important on a sunny Sunday morning. We even saw Gary Meighan from Masterchef here today!
There are all kinds of beautiful muffins, rolls, malaysian and vietnamese food and great coffee ( the coffee stand as you walk in NOT the coffee stand in the middle of the markets). If you menu plan - as we have just started to - it is worth a try. So much cheaper than normal stores!
There are also stalls with clothes, furniture, and other bits and pieces for you to explore too.

* Silly Billyz bibs

This one is for all the mummies out there who go through 5 gazillion bibs per day. Silly Billyz. They have a layer of plastic on the back which means it takes a lot longer for moisture to soak through onto clothes. Saved my life and sanity this week.


Bloggers Without Makeup.

These photos are of me at 10pm on a Saturday night - just after I have washed my face and am off to bed. This is what I look like at the moment without makeup.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank whoever it was who invented concealer. I love you. Thanks to you I look normal most days...

Having said that, this is me.

Mother of a 14 week old baby , amongst many other things...

Quite frankly, whatever I look like is fine by me.

The 'Bloggers Without Makeup' is the idea of Jodie from Mummy Mayhem. There are heaps of other lovely bloggers doing this so go and check them out here!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things I like on Saturday.


This is one of the posts I thought of doing while feeding in the middle of the night! What a multi-tasker I can be when I try!:)

Each Saturday, I will give you a little list of things I like at the moment.
I love reading other people's posts like this - because it gives me bright ideas and also introduces me to things that I otherwise may not have if you have anything you like on Saturday, don't forget to let me know!

* Luxe Expresso ( Missenden Rd, Newtown)
This is a relatively new bakery/cafe in Newtown. We have eaten there a few times and it was nice but I am a fan of the bakery part myself. Their bread is superb - and so are their cakes and pastries. My favourite so far is the Crimson Grape bread which was a foccacia style loaf with grapes baked inside and on top of the loaf! So moist and delicious! And don't miss the Wagyu beef sandwich. OMG, it's good.

Their coffee is great too and the people there are lovely. It has a similar seating arrangement to 'Bills' in Surry Hills and Darlinghurst - with large tables to share with other people. There are tables for smaller parties too though.
I do like to share generally speaking ,but not so much my table in a cafe - so I like the option of your own table too!!

* Ebay
As you may have read elsewhere on this blog, I hadn't ever even looked at Ebay before I became pregnant with J. I decided one day to have a look when I realised that organising to buy baby stuff was very similar to organising a wedding! Everything seemed very overpriced so I decided to try Ebay to see what I could find.
Well folks, I was a changed woman after that day. I bought furniture for J's room, maternity clothes, maternity formal wear, and various baby bits and pieces (not all at the same time though!).
Everything except the furniture was new too!
This weekend will be exciting as I am actually going to try to MAKE money on Ebay. I cleaned out my wardrobe and I'm hoping that the proceeds from the sales will pay for a few baby-free nights out in the coming months!


I like moss. That's a strange thing to say I know but I've seen a few gardens online and in magazines lately that have incorporated moss into their design. My favourite would be a tiny apartment in NYC that features a terrarium - complete with my gorgeous moss.
I haven't written about it here much but I am a bit of a gardener. I'm not a good one, but I love to try to be a good one. I think a garden ,no matter how small, is an essential part of a home. It's life-affirming to have beautiful greenery around you all the time and it's lovely to watch things grow and change with the seasons.
And of course, if everything dies because you forget to look after your garden, all you need to do is pop down to Flower Power and start again. Easy!

This is an online store I love for basics.
It is reasonably priced , good quality AND they have great sales.
Thought you might like to have a look.

*Seed femme
Another great place to shop for basics. I especially love their shoes.

*Mt Franklin sparkling mineral water.
I am a huge sparkling mineral water fan. I don't have a favourite brand ,however, I do like the Mount Franklin water because as the ad says - it's lightly sparkling. Which is nice - because sometimes you just don't want those big bubbles.

Wow, I sound like I need to get out more. And that's probably true, but mark my words, lightly sparkling? Thumbs up from me!

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday!