Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One more sleep!

Tomorrow night, one of my favourite TV series - The Tudors - is back!
The third series starts on Showcase ( on Foxtel ) and I am officially beside myself!!!
If you haven't heard about it, it is the story of the rule of King Henry VIII.
It has everything - drama, romance, great performances, lavish production values , and best of all; period costume!!:)
I rented the first series from Video Ezy last year and was trying to work out how I would be able to watch the whole thing without driving Sd insane.
He loathes period drama as much as I love it!
However, he agreed to watch one episode. Just to give it a try. No promises.
Well, he loved it! And we proceeded to watch the entire first season, and then the second. We were addicted.
I am absolutely breathless with anticipation for the first episode tomorrow night!!
If you get a chance, and you are that way inclined ( I know for some, period drama is an acquired taste ) , make sure you watch it.


Flowers of the week - Part Two.

Aren't they gorgeous?!
The flowers really are SUCH a beautiful colour!
The milk jug they are in belonged to my Nan.
She probably would be a bit bemused that I'm using it as a vase - but I think it looks very nice indeed!


I heart Polyvore.

Well, I had a horrible dream last night that has made me feel sick all morning.
So I decided to try to keep my mind off things by playing around on the Polyvore website for a while.
I've been inspired by some of your 'jeans and flats' posts and I must say it was lots of fun!
Very nice to go shopping and not have to pay at the end!

Now, what I would really like on this site is a vintage category to play with!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Flowers of the week.

I was a bit naughty last week and although I did have some lovely flowers of the week ( some beautiful pale pink stock ) - I didn't post a photo of them.

This week I will have 2 'flowers of the week' posts for you.

I'm really liking little bunches at the moment. They bring your eye to places in the house you usually don't 'see' because you are so used to looking at them. 'Little' flowers can bring forgotten corners back to life.


Thank you Iris!

I got an email today from lovely Iris from 'fleur delice ' to let me know that she was unable to post a comment here. I did a bit of checking and after REALLY applying myself , I was able to fix the problem. A miracle - right there.

So, I just wanted to thank Iris very much for letting me know that there was a problem. I don't really expect to see any I may never have known!!!


I've been away.

I haven't actually been anywhere of note, I've been at home and at work and at the doctors really.

I've just been away from here.

I've been feeling a bit crap - as you tend to I guess when you are pregnant - and I have really only had the inclination to do the bare minimum, which are the 3 things I mentioned above. Home,work,doctors.

Quick pregnancy update - 8 weeks - all ok so far.

Had the 7 week scan, and everything looked normal. I hate ultrasounds. I think the lady doing it thought I was a bit strange when she asked me if I wanted a picture and I said no.

Any way, enough about all that ....even though I haven't been writing anything here, I have been reading all of your blogs and they have been a very nice distraction. So, thanks!!
image: Rafael Bunuel

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I just want to say straight off that I stole this photo from The Sartorialist - one of my most favourite of favourite blogs.

I absolutely love this picture.

I love what this lovely lady is wearing, I love how comfortable in her own skin and her own style she is , and I love the beautiful day that surrounds her.



I will be showing you some of my finds this weekend!

One of the things I had planned to do on this blog was to show you all the clothes I buy at markets and other special places here and there.

I have gotten a bit sidetracked since I started posting though .

So, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that this weekend I will be doing a few posts starring some of my favourite acquisitions. I'll tell you where I got them too.

I plan to have one of those weekends where I don't really leave the house much at all - so plenty of time to take lots and lots of photos for you!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Flowers of the week.

These flowers remind me of my lovely mum.
She loves fresh flowers and she also loves the colour blue.
She taught me that always having fresh flowers in your house is very important.
How right she is!!
I'm not sure what the blue flowers actually are, but I will say that they last almost forever and they also can be a little bit difficult to arrange. Hope you think I did ok.
My photos haven't improved very much yet, but I will persevere and hopefully triumph in the end.
This camera and I are just starting to be friends.


I've been doing alot of eating.

Sd and I have been going to quite a few good restaurants lately. We live in Sydney, so they are all restaurants close to home. Eating ( at home and in restaurants) is one of our favourite things to do.

I thought I would give you some quick reviews. Here's the first one.

* Red Mint - 50 Murray St , Pyrmont.

I love Vietnamese food . Alot. Sd took me here for my birthday and we really enjoyed it. The food is fantastic. I asked Sd to choose the restaurant , so it would be a surprise. My only criteria was that it had to be somewhere we hadn't been before, and it couldn't be too expensive ( GFC and all...)

It seemed to be quite a modern menu , we had duck wrapped in betel leaves and crab spring rolls for entree and then soft shell crab and beef cooked with pepper and a lime dipping sauce.

All the dishes were really good, very fresh ingredients and there was more than enough chilli and coriander to keep me happy!!
The restaurant itself is a bit of a work in progress.
I'm not sure that it has been there long enough to have established exactly what it is yet. There is a cocktail bar and the lighting and the tiles on the floor are a little bit food-courtish. I don't want you to be thinking fluorescent lighting and plastic seats. It's definitely not like that. The decor and the atmosphere just don't really match the calibre of food and service. Maybe I'm too picky though. It just looked a bit...generic.
I hope though that as time passes, the restaurant will look more like the food. Simple, elegant and modern.
The service was very very good. That's something that is important to us. All the wait staff were really lovely and knew all about their menu and were keen to know how we found each dish. Very impressed.

I think the bill was about $100 - that was the food and 2 beers. Well worth it! It was lovely!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is it just me..or is anyone else angry?

I will admit that there may be some hormonal changes to blame for my current anger but I'm not sure that it is that simple.
Yesterday and today , a few things have happened and I AM PISSED OFF ABOUT THEM!!
The WHO announces that the world is now in the 6th stage of the swine flu - a global pandemic. They also qualify their statement with the announcement that one of their considerations in moving to this stage is the extreme, rapid spread of the virus in Australia.
Kevin Rudd and Nicola Roxon then speak to the media and say that just because THE REST OF THE WORLD views the situation as a pandemic doesn't mean that Australia has to. And not to worry.
Oh well, hope I don't catch it then . Swine flu might be tricky in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Last week, after miniscule growth in the economy, Kevin Rudd announced that due to that growth, Australia is basically the only country in the world not in a recession.
So, I guess that means that this government ( who I voted for ) is taking the 'It's not happening approach'. This approach appears to mean that if they tell us something isn't happening - then it's just not. Despite OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE to the contrary.
Is that helpful? Does that move towards facing and solving problems and improving things for everyone?
When an individual conducts themselves like that it's called DENIAL!
More of my fascinating rant later. Off to punch a wall.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So much better.

I have pulled myself together since we last met.

I have gotten back on track with my plan to get through whatever happens with this pregnancy ; that is to take each day , or in fact hour, as it comes.

That's what I did through IVF and it worked a treat.
I also think the raging nausea I have had tonight is helping enormously!
So, as the British war office once advised - 'Keep Calm and Carry On'

That's what I'll be doing.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have had one of those days today where I just haven't felt great about things. Nothing bad has happened really, I just feel a bit unsure. Lukewarm.

I have been quite busy over the last week since I found out I was pregnant and even though I have had plenty to do today - I think booking OB appointments and ultrasounds etc has made me realise that it's really happening and I am on the rollercoaster again. Shit.

I have learnt to really let things go and to not obsess . So, I'm not worrying about anything specific, I just feel overwhelmed. When I was going into Kent St for IVF tests every other day, the nurses would comment on how relaxed I was about this whole process.
I don't feel very relaxed today. I feel a bit like I have been hit by a bus.

Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow. Going to have a cup of tea and try to lighten up!


Flowers of the week.

These flowers of the week are quite special.

They are cactus flowers. I've managed to keep this little beauty alive for about 10 years now.

The flowers are special because they only come out once a year and only last for two weeks.

I get excited about them coming out each year. Aren't they lovely?

Hope you like!


And now...a bit more about the Tony Awards for you.

Sd ( my husband ) has made me aware that it is highly possible that I may bore you all to death while I bang on about my favourite awards ceremony . I certainly wouldn't want that to happen, so I will tell you about the best bits quickly. In point form.

* The opening number was amazing. I think I was crying at the end. I usually cry on and off during awards ceremonies. Started early this time!
It featured songs from each of the major musicals currently playing on Broadway; Billy Elliot, 9 to 5, Westside Story, Shrek the Musical, Rock of Ages and Hair.

* The 3 little boys who play Billy in Billy Elliot won a Tony award. They were all speechless. Very cute. Actually, the production won 10 awards!

* Liza Minnelli sang. I thought she sounded slightly deranged,but I didn't let that stop me enjoying a big Tony Awards moment - She is an icon - albeit a bit of a strange one!!

* The cast of ' Guys and Dolls ' sang the best song in the musical ' Sit down you're rocking the boat'. Best version I've ever seen!

* OK, the BEST BIT.
Best Actor in a Musical was won by a man called Gregory Jbara who plays Billy's father in Billy Elliot. I'm sure he thoroughly deserved it, but what I thought was fantastic about his win and his speech was that when his name was announced he took his wife's hand and led her up on stage. When he got to the microphone, he introduced her and thanked her for effectively living as a single parent with their two children in LA while he had been living in New York for the whole run of the show. He told the audience that he couldn't have taken the role or performed as he had without her and her support.
Well, you can imagine how much I was crying then!
Now THAT is one great husband right there.
I thought that was such a beautiful , thoughtful thing for him to do!
Gregory and his wife Julie are the lovely couple in the photo at the top of the post.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Tony Awards.

This is a big day for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE an awards show. I watch them all.

But this one is my absolute favourite. Because they are theatre awards and it's BROADWAY!!

If you read my 'Hello' posts, you will get a better understanding of my love of anything Broadway.

It's starting now. Will give you a full briefing ( if you can stand it) later on!

Turkish Apple Tea.

I went to 'The Victoria Room' in Darlinghurst yesterday afternoon for high tea, to celebrate my friend Jo's impending marriage.

A very lady -like time was had by all. We had little sandwiches, scones and lots of little sweet things. There was some lovely pink champagne and then there was the tea.

I am a coffee girl, but I do like a cup of tea every couple of days. I like English Breakfast tea , Irish Breakfast tea, and Earl and Lady Grey tea. I'm sure there are many many more teas out there that I would like just as much - any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyway, I like herbal teas too and yesterday on the tea menu ( yes, they had a whole page of teas to choose from !) there was a Turkish Apple Tea. So we all ordered it. It is described on the menu as ' not really tea' but to be honest I don't care what they call it - it was tremendous. If you like tea, apples, and a little bit of sugar - this is the beverage for you! It smells and tastes wonderful and as Jo said - 'It tastes as good as it smells!' . That's no mean feat.

I am now going to begin my quest to find out where I can buy it or how to make it . I'm telling you , it's to-die-for !!

When I make any Turkish apple tea discoveries, you'll be the first to know.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

I don't normally do this but...

Ok. So I watched a show on Foxtel the other day called 'Lush House', which features cleaner,restorer and organiser extraordinaire - Shannon Lush.

She helps people clean and organise their homes which is sort of interesting I suppose. Didn't really set my world on fire though. What did impress me is that she replaces all the paraphenalia we all have under our kitchen sink with a natural cleaning kit which does everything as well as the chemical alternatives - but is non-toxic.

One of the things she used was an all purpose / surface cleaner. It is 1 litre of water with a teaspoon of lavender oil added to it. Apparently, lavender contains around 200 different antibacterial properties.

Well, I got a bit organised this week and got my lavender oil and my spray bottle and my water and I gave it a go.

It's EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!
Works just as well as the stuff I used to use, house smells lovely and I didn't breathe in all kinds of crap while I cleaned.

I would like to stress that I wont be posting things like this much - all a bit boring really - BUT - I was so impressed I couldn't help but tell you all about it!


Who knew?

Well, wasn't that a lovely surprise on my birthday!!
36 isn't too bad so far!
I was thrilled to win the Blog this challenge #2 yesterday. Very exciting!
It was very nice to know that in light of the fact that I haven't used my creative powers for a while - they are still in working order. Good news!
Isn't it funny how little things can make you so happy?!
*As soon as I learn how to post a link ( so terrible that I don't know how!) I will put one here so you can go to ' Blog this ' and have a look, if you haven't's a great place to find inspiration and exercise your creativity.

Professor Chris O'Brien.

Professor Chris O'Brien passed away on Thursday night. As you may have seen all over the media in the last couple of days and on the TV show 'RPA' , he was an amazing person and achieved so many great things in his life.
His legacy is 'Lifehouse' at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital , which will be built over the next few years. It will be a centre for people dealing with cancer, and will provide all the care and assistance necessary to help people navigate their way through a horrendous period in their lives.
I didn't know him , I just think he was an entirely inspirational man and I wanted to acknowedge his wonderful life and contibutions here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last day of 35.

Just a little post to say 'Goodbye' to 35.

35, you have been an ok year of my life. Just ok. I'd give you a 6.5 /10.

You were certainly consistent, just not consistently good.

Wasn't so impressed with that 35.

I'm not complaining though , there certainly were some great moments and a special thank you for not making me look or feel much older than I did last year.
Very kind of you 35.

It was great to meet you and spend a year with you. Overall I do feel better for the experience and I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I am kind of looking forward to meeting your friend -36.

I'm happy we part on good terms and I wish you all the best.

Thanks for everything.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am pregnant.
4 weeks down. 37 to go.

Will let you know how it goes.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So tomorrow I find out if I am pregnant. I feel no excitement - or trepidation for that matter. Whatever will be ,will be.
Sd and I have to go into Kent St before 7am tomorrow morning, for the big blood test. You don't actually have to be there before 7am, but if you get there on or after that time, there are lots and lots of ladies all trying to get their bloods and their ultrasounds done before they go off to work and it can get a little bit hectic.

During each IVF cycle, there are quite a few of these mornings. I can honestly say that one of the hardest parts of the process for me is sitting in that waiting room with all of these normal looking women of all different age groups and backgrounds , and realising that I (we) actually do have a big problem on our hands and that there are NO guarantees. Being childless could very well be in any of our futures. It is fear like nothing I have experienced to date.

After all that has happened fertility-wise over the last two years, it's strange that sitting in that waiting room has been one of the most confronting parts of this experience for me. I think the sadness , anxiety and all the other awful things that come with your own infertility are one thing , but sitting in a room full of women who you know feel all the same things is so, so sad.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

For me and for all of the ladies in the waiting room.


Monday, June 1, 2009

'Blog this' challenge.

"If I were to invent something to make life easier or more fun for me...and WHY.. "
What is the bane of your existence?

I would like to like to preface this with one thing - I love to clean . I do . Although not for hours and hours - alone.
To make my life easier and more fun while I clean our house, I would invent a roster system of people I would like to converse with while cleaning. They would come from room to room with me and chat with me about all kinds of things. They would also perform any cleaning/tidying tasks I would like them to. The way the roster would work would be that when I am ready to tackle the household chores, I send my chosen conversationalist an email and they arrive 15 minutes later. They stay as long as necessary.

My list would be constantly updated, and my conversationalists would always be available. They can also be living or dead.

My current list looks like this;
* my grandad, Bob Conlin ( passed away 1988) - we have ALOT to catch up on...
* Andrew Denton - I want to hear about his 'Enough Rope' years and maybe some behind the scenes goss?
*James Valentine - love his sense of humour, his quick wit and his outlook.
*Sammy Davis Jr - I want to hear all about the Rat Pack, and he might sing me a few songs if I'm lucky.
* Jim Henson - I would like to understand his creative process and find out more about how he saw the world.
* Amanda Keller -She's hilarious .
* Ellen DeGeneres - She's also hilarious and we could maybe fit a dance in when we finish the cleaning.
*Judy Garland - we could sing songs together and she could tell me all her stories.
* Harold Holt - curious to know what happened and I might learn a bit more about Australian politics !!;)
* Jack McFarlane ( character from 'Will and Grace') - time would just fly!!

Flowers of the week.

I will be trying to have ' flowers of the week ' post each Monday or Tuesday.

I usually buy fresh flowers each week. I sometimes put off buying them until I have enough time to really mull over my choice. Yep, it's one of my favourite parts of my week. It's amazing how much a little (or big) bunch of flowers can add to a room. They can make any space feel special and alive.

This week is a bit of a no-brainer. Orchids. Favorites of mine. They are so elegant. Delicate and bold at the same time. I bought these 3 stems today. How lovely they are!
I took this week's photo without a the evening. Probably not the best idea, but with the flash the photo looked like it was taken in fluorescent lighting and I hated it.


My Year Without Sex.

Sd ( my husband ) and I went to see a new Australian film on Saturday night. It's called 'My Year Without Sex' , written and directed by a very talented lady - Sarah Watt.
It is the story of a family, living in suburban Melbourne, who are doing their best to get through what turns out to be a particularly difficult year. It is the tale of a family,of a couple, and of individuals - all at the same time.
I haven't really seen anything like this film before. The balance of drama and comedy was perfect. I haven't seen a film that was so realistic, yet not jarringly so, for ages.

I particularly loved the lottery ticket in the front garden story-line.
Sasha Horler who plays Natalie ( the mother in the family) was fantastic. As was Matt Day who played the quiet husband ,with alot going on inside, with subtlety and clarity.
The casting was great actually.
Ok, starting to rave now, so I think you get the idea. Great movie!! Make sure you see it!

* If you do read any (real) reviews, don't be put of by the brain aneurism thing - I am particularly squeamish and also quite the hypochondriac - and it was fine.

* After a cycle of IVF that so far has been going since Easter Sunday, there are only tiny windows where sex is allowed. A month or so without sex = crap. A year without sex = OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

* To see the preview go here;