Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And now...a bit more about the Tony Awards for you.

Sd ( my husband ) has made me aware that it is highly possible that I may bore you all to death while I bang on about my favourite awards ceremony . I certainly wouldn't want that to happen, so I will tell you about the best bits quickly. In point form.

* The opening number was amazing. I think I was crying at the end. I usually cry on and off during awards ceremonies. Started early this time!
It featured songs from each of the major musicals currently playing on Broadway; Billy Elliot, 9 to 5, Westside Story, Shrek the Musical, Rock of Ages and Hair.

* The 3 little boys who play Billy in Billy Elliot won a Tony award. They were all speechless. Very cute. Actually, the production won 10 awards!

* Liza Minnelli sang. I thought she sounded slightly deranged,but I didn't let that stop me enjoying a big Tony Awards moment - She is an icon - albeit a bit of a strange one!!

* The cast of ' Guys and Dolls ' sang the best song in the musical ' Sit down you're rocking the boat'. Best version I've ever seen!

* OK, the BEST BIT.
Best Actor in a Musical was won by a man called Gregory Jbara who plays Billy's father in Billy Elliot. I'm sure he thoroughly deserved it, but what I thought was fantastic about his win and his speech was that when his name was announced he took his wife's hand and led her up on stage. When he got to the microphone, he introduced her and thanked her for effectively living as a single parent with their two children in LA while he had been living in New York for the whole run of the show. He told the audience that he couldn't have taken the role or performed as he had without her and her support.
Well, you can imagine how much I was crying then!
Now THAT is one great husband right there.
I thought that was such a beautiful , thoughtful thing for him to do!
Gregory and his wife Julie are the lovely couple in the photo at the top of the post.