Monday, June 8, 2009

Turkish Apple Tea.

I went to 'The Victoria Room' in Darlinghurst yesterday afternoon for high tea, to celebrate my friend Jo's impending marriage.

A very lady -like time was had by all. We had little sandwiches, scones and lots of little sweet things. There was some lovely pink champagne and then there was the tea.

I am a coffee girl, but I do like a cup of tea every couple of days. I like English Breakfast tea , Irish Breakfast tea, and Earl and Lady Grey tea. I'm sure there are many many more teas out there that I would like just as much - any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyway, I like herbal teas too and yesterday on the tea menu ( yes, they had a whole page of teas to choose from !) there was a Turkish Apple Tea. So we all ordered it. It is described on the menu as ' not really tea' but to be honest I don't care what they call it - it was tremendous. If you like tea, apples, and a little bit of sugar - this is the beverage for you! It smells and tastes wonderful and as Jo said - 'It tastes as good as it smells!' . That's no mean feat.

I am now going to begin my quest to find out where I can buy it or how to make it . I'm telling you , it's to-die-for !!

When I make any Turkish apple tea discoveries, you'll be the first to know.