Monday, June 15, 2009

I've been doing alot of eating.

Sd and I have been going to quite a few good restaurants lately. We live in Sydney, so they are all restaurants close to home. Eating ( at home and in restaurants) is one of our favourite things to do.

I thought I would give you some quick reviews. Here's the first one.

* Red Mint - 50 Murray St , Pyrmont.

I love Vietnamese food . Alot. Sd took me here for my birthday and we really enjoyed it. The food is fantastic. I asked Sd to choose the restaurant , so it would be a surprise. My only criteria was that it had to be somewhere we hadn't been before, and it couldn't be too expensive ( GFC and all...)

It seemed to be quite a modern menu , we had duck wrapped in betel leaves and crab spring rolls for entree and then soft shell crab and beef cooked with pepper and a lime dipping sauce.

All the dishes were really good, very fresh ingredients and there was more than enough chilli and coriander to keep me happy!!
The restaurant itself is a bit of a work in progress.
I'm not sure that it has been there long enough to have established exactly what it is yet. There is a cocktail bar and the lighting and the tiles on the floor are a little bit food-courtish. I don't want you to be thinking fluorescent lighting and plastic seats. It's definitely not like that. The decor and the atmosphere just don't really match the calibre of food and service. Maybe I'm too picky though. It just looked a bit...generic.
I hope though that as time passes, the restaurant will look more like the food. Simple, elegant and modern.
The service was very very good. That's something that is important to us. All the wait staff were really lovely and knew all about their menu and were keen to know how we found each dish. Very impressed.

I think the bill was about $100 - that was the food and 2 beers. Well worth it! It was lovely!