Monday, June 1, 2009

'Blog this' challenge.

"If I were to invent something to make life easier or more fun for me...and WHY.. "
What is the bane of your existence?

I would like to like to preface this with one thing - I love to clean . I do . Although not for hours and hours - alone.
To make my life easier and more fun while I clean our house, I would invent a roster system of people I would like to converse with while cleaning. They would come from room to room with me and chat with me about all kinds of things. They would also perform any cleaning/tidying tasks I would like them to. The way the roster would work would be that when I am ready to tackle the household chores, I send my chosen conversationalist an email and they arrive 15 minutes later. They stay as long as necessary.

My list would be constantly updated, and my conversationalists would always be available. They can also be living or dead.

My current list looks like this;
* my grandad, Bob Conlin ( passed away 1988) - we have ALOT to catch up on...
* Andrew Denton - I want to hear about his 'Enough Rope' years and maybe some behind the scenes goss?
*James Valentine - love his sense of humour, his quick wit and his outlook.
*Sammy Davis Jr - I want to hear all about the Rat Pack, and he might sing me a few songs if I'm lucky.
* Jim Henson - I would like to understand his creative process and find out more about how he saw the world.
* Amanda Keller -She's hilarious .
* Ellen DeGeneres - She's also hilarious and we could maybe fit a dance in when we finish the cleaning.
*Judy Garland - we could sing songs together and she could tell me all her stories.
* Harold Holt - curious to know what happened and I might learn a bit more about Australian politics !!;)
* Jack McFarlane ( character from 'Will and Grace') - time would just fly!!


Nisha said...

Love it! Afternoon tea at your place would be a riot with all those personalities!

nellbe said...

Congrats Megs! What a great idea!