Saturday, June 6, 2009

I don't normally do this but...

Ok. So I watched a show on Foxtel the other day called 'Lush House', which features cleaner,restorer and organiser extraordinaire - Shannon Lush.

She helps people clean and organise their homes which is sort of interesting I suppose. Didn't really set my world on fire though. What did impress me is that she replaces all the paraphenalia we all have under our kitchen sink with a natural cleaning kit which does everything as well as the chemical alternatives - but is non-toxic.

One of the things she used was an all purpose / surface cleaner. It is 1 litre of water with a teaspoon of lavender oil added to it. Apparently, lavender contains around 200 different antibacterial properties.

Well, I got a bit organised this week and got my lavender oil and my spray bottle and my water and I gave it a go.

It's EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!
Works just as well as the stuff I used to use, house smells lovely and I didn't breathe in all kinds of crap while I cleaned.

I would like to stress that I wont be posting things like this much - all a bit boring really - BUT - I was so impressed I couldn't help but tell you all about it!



Leila said...

What a great idea. If lavender didn't give me bad headaches I'd try it. I also love the smell and cleaning power of orange oil - love that stuff!