Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flowers of the week - Part Two.

Aren't they gorgeous?!
The flowers really are SUCH a beautiful colour!
The milk jug they are in belonged to my Nan.
She probably would be a bit bemused that I'm using it as a vase - but I think it looks very nice indeed!



Iris said...

Wow, they are an incredible colour indeed! They look fabulous against the green milk jug. What sort of flower are they?

megs said...

I think they are lisianthus. You can buy them in bunches pretty much anywhere, they come with really long stems and alot of leaves. The florist I bought these from had removed all the long stems and leaves so it was just a cute little bunch of intense colour - which I was drawn to straight away...but next time I might buy them where I buy my fruit and vege and do the pruning myself. Not as expensive!