Monday, June 29, 2009

I've been away.

I haven't actually been anywhere of note, I've been at home and at work and at the doctors really.

I've just been away from here.

I've been feeling a bit crap - as you tend to I guess when you are pregnant - and I have really only had the inclination to do the bare minimum, which are the 3 things I mentioned above. Home,work,doctors.

Quick pregnancy update - 8 weeks - all ok so far.

Had the 7 week scan, and everything looked normal. I hate ultrasounds. I think the lady doing it thought I was a bit strange when she asked me if I wanted a picture and I said no.

Any way, enough about all that ....even though I haven't been writing anything here, I have been reading all of your blogs and they have been a very nice distraction. So, thanks!!
image: Rafael Bunuel


Iris said...

You poor bugger, have you had a visit from the Morning Sickness fairy? I felt so foul early on, it was like a month-long hangover (without the parties!).