Monday, June 1, 2009

My Year Without Sex.

Sd ( my husband ) and I went to see a new Australian film on Saturday night. It's called 'My Year Without Sex' , written and directed by a very talented lady - Sarah Watt.
It is the story of a family, living in suburban Melbourne, who are doing their best to get through what turns out to be a particularly difficult year. It is the tale of a family,of a couple, and of individuals - all at the same time.
I haven't really seen anything like this film before. The balance of drama and comedy was perfect. I haven't seen a film that was so realistic, yet not jarringly so, for ages.

I particularly loved the lottery ticket in the front garden story-line.
Sasha Horler who plays Natalie ( the mother in the family) was fantastic. As was Matt Day who played the quiet husband ,with alot going on inside, with subtlety and clarity.
The casting was great actually.
Ok, starting to rave now, so I think you get the idea. Great movie!! Make sure you see it!

* If you do read any (real) reviews, don't be put of by the brain aneurism thing - I am particularly squeamish and also quite the hypochondriac - and it was fine.

* After a cycle of IVF that so far has been going since Easter Sunday, there are only tiny windows where sex is allowed. A month or so without sex = crap. A year without sex = OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

* To see the preview go here;