Saturday, May 30, 2009

Style I admire.

On one of the blogs I like to read this week, Mamamia, the readers were asked which people in the public eye did we want to see more of in Mia's posts about fashion. Got me thinking.

I actually am not particularly inspired by alot of what I see in more 'mainstream' media and there does seem to be alot of the 'hot girl uniform' going on everywhere I turn. Not so interesting or individual.

I do have a few favourites though. I have added photos of each of them and here is a little bit of an explanation.

6) Helena Christensen
She always looks different to everyone else, her look and style seem to morph from one beautiful look to another completely different beautiful look from one pap photo to the next. She wears alot of vintage and whatever she puts together, no matter how incongruous, looks effortless. And she's a supermodel. That's got to help.

5) Thandie Newton
Bit more of the effortless thing here. Also, another celebrity that wears unusual things and pulls them off each time.

4) Alexa Chung
Young,intelligent,beautiful. Tall and skinny - very good clothes horse!! A serious fashion devotee and always wears well put together interesting pieces.
3) Tilda Swinton
She is incredible. In every way. Love . Her.

2) Victoria Beckham
I have to preface this comment with the admission that I was a Spice Girls fan and a Victoria Beckham fan back in the day. Actually I don't think I ever stopped being one. I found her fascinating - her ordinariness and her meteoric rise to fame. How strange!!
However, now that Posh is a fully fledged style icon apparently, I would just like to say that I do like her sense of style now ( as opposed to the WAG - hair extension - midriff baring days).
I cant put my finger on exactly why, she is obviously flawlessly put together at all times and the clothes and accessories she has access to blow my mind. I guess that's why. Aah Victoria...why do I love thee so?

1) Mary Portas
I am currently in love with Mary. She is my hero in many ways. Style wise - to me she is the epitome of the well dressed older woman. She looks modern, current, feminine,individual, quirky and expensive. She looks fantastic. I heart Mary.

So, do I put all those influences together and look fantastic at all times? Nup. But I try ( when I am in the mood) and it is a great creative outlet if you have the time or inclination to think about your personal style.

In case you are confused ,the pictures work backwards with Mary first ( 2 pics of her) through to Helena. Enjoy!!

...and a bit more about yours truly!

A few more questions.

My mother and father always told me...
My mum always told me not to get married before I was 29. I must have really taken that on board because I didn't get married until I was 34. My dad has given me many many words of wisdom, some of which I wont repeat now as we are just getting to know each of my favourites was something along the lines of 'people are shit'. On occassion, I have agreed with him.

I wish I had...
been a singer and dancer on Broadway.

I wish I hadn't...
been so nice to people who weren't nice to me.

My most humiliating moment...
hasn't happened yet. Is that a good thing?!

My happiest moment was...
1. realising that I had met the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life 2. being told there were 2 embryos for transfer.

Friends say I am...
A bit strange.

My last meal would be...
a four course meal at 'Le Cheval Blanc' in Sept Saulx , Burgundy, France.

The book that changed my life is ...
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

It's not fashionable , but I love...
British television programs from the 70's and 80's.

The song I would like played at my funeral is...
I don't know exactly which song it would be , but you would have to be able to dance to it.

My greatest fear is...
a global catastrophe

If only I could...
start taking lessons now to prepare for my glorious Broadway career.

The hardest thing I've ever done was...
live through 2 years of infertility.

The last belly laugh I had was...
on Tuesday, talking to my mum on the phone.

What I don't find amusing are...
racist or homophobic 'jokes'

Cat or dog?
Cat then dog.

If I wasn't me I'd like to be...
Miss Marple.

At the moment I'm reading...
Can't remember the title but it is a true crime novel by Anne Rule.

I'm always being asked...
Do you have any Tamiflu?

Ok. Enough about me. Let's talk about something else.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Let me introduce myself..

Even though this is a little bit self indulgent, I thought it would be nice to tell you something about myself. About what kind of person I am. I read all those quirky questionnaires that celebrities answer in magazines and always want to answer them myself. I have to stress here that I don't wish to be the celebrity, I just want to think through and answer strange little questions about me and my life. Just to see what I would say.

Well, no time like the present.

My earliest memory is;
Going for a picnic with my mum and dad and my little sister (who was a couple of weeks old) when I was two. We sat under huge old palm trees and there were lots of magpies. I can even remember what I was wearing. Must have been a great great day!!!

At school I...
was quite happy and content. Not too much rebellion or teenage angst at all really.

My first relationship was...
with Jamie Gardener, in Kindergarten. Lasted the best part of a week.

I don't like talking about...
infertility with people who (thankfully) have not experienced it.

My most treasured possessions are ...
my cats - Renold and Franko.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, here we are then!

I think 'we' may be a little premature, but nothing like a little bit of optimism to begin with!
I have a vague idea of what this blog will be and hopefully over the next few weeks it will reveal more of itself to me. Got a bit of exploring to do to work out the customising thing - so will be back soon with more of a clue!! x