Friday, May 29, 2009

Let me introduce myself..

Even though this is a little bit self indulgent, I thought it would be nice to tell you something about myself. About what kind of person I am. I read all those quirky questionnaires that celebrities answer in magazines and always want to answer them myself. I have to stress here that I don't wish to be the celebrity, I just want to think through and answer strange little questions about me and my life. Just to see what I would say.

Well, no time like the present.

My earliest memory is;
Going for a picnic with my mum and dad and my little sister (who was a couple of weeks old) when I was two. We sat under huge old palm trees and there were lots of magpies. I can even remember what I was wearing. Must have been a great great day!!!

At school I...
was quite happy and content. Not too much rebellion or teenage angst at all really.

My first relationship was...
with Jamie Gardener, in Kindergarten. Lasted the best part of a week.

I don't like talking about...
infertility with people who (thankfully) have not experienced it.

My most treasured possessions are ...
my cats - Renold and Franko.