Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 16.

So, I am 16 weeks pregnant today.
I've been feeling a bit crap for the last couple of days, quite alot of fear, a bit of dread, and quite alot more fear is seeping into my life and I'm having trouble getting on top of it. So, I thought I would try and get some of it out of my system by writing here.

Please feel free to skip this post - it's a not-very-nice one.

As far as I know all is ok with the baby. But, as I have discussed here before, that means sweet FA to me due to my past experiences with pregnancy.
I've had about a month which I've spent mostly anxiety-free but as I said, over the weekend I started to think about how things might not be ok, that I don't really have any way of knowing until I see the OB next Monday and then after that the 18 week scan and then after that... you know how it goes...
Yesterday, I read the article in the Herald about Mia Freedman and her new book. I have been reading her blog Mamamia for about 2 years and I visit daily. If you don't visit already, I thoroughly recommend it!
I've thought before, from the way she has written about it, that she may have experienced miscarriage or something awful like that, and reading the interview yesterday it turns out that unfortunately she has. At 19 weeks she found out that her baby had died at 16 weeks. So sad and so so hard.
To be honest, reading that sent me RIGHT over the edge. Fear of God territory. And I don't think I am quite on the road to recovery just yet.

Anyway, I shall persevere and try to get the better of my own mind as soon as possible.

Thanks for listening.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flowers of the week.

Never really liked carnations. They always seem to look a bit dried out and a bit, well, cheap and nasty.
However, I have been trying to keep an open mind about them and actually, they're not bad. Not bad at all!
I chose the carnations this week because I wanted to get my nan's old milk jug out again and use it as a vase. I love love love that shade of green!
So, I was looking for a colour for the flowers that would contrast perfectly with my beautiful green.
ANYWAY enough about the fascinating workings of my mind!?
I hope you like the end result and if you aren't a carnation fan, maybe you will give them a chance in the future.
They really are quite nice!


Little shop of dreams come true.

As I've mentioned, we moved last month. We now live about 10 minutes away from our old house and although it's not been a big change, we are having a lovely time exploring our new suburb and finding all its treasures.
We get our coffee most mornings from Black Star bakery on Australia St, in Newtown. On my way to Black Star that very first time I found , drum roll please , the shop of my dreams.
If it is possible to actually find a perfect representation of my aesthetic - then - this is it.

It's a little shop called 'Newspaper Taxi' and to describe what lies inside, in a word?

I won't go on, because it's better if you click on the link and see it for yourself. In all it's glory!!

Enjoy! Happy weekend!


Sweet sweet music.

Yesterday afternoon I was doing a spot of lying in bed watching TV, and I happened on a documentary on the Ovation channel about a 13 year old Canadian jazz singer called Nikki Yanofsky.
It was such a beautiful film because her passion for music and singing (as opposed to a passion for attention and fame that seems so prevalent these days ) was so abundantly clear. She is one talented young lady! Nikki is actually 15 now and her career has well and truly begun. In the documentary, her first time in the recording studio was filmed and it was bliss to watch. Her voice is unique and she has cultivated a love for jazz music all on her own at such a young age. Her inspirations are Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera.
Her parents are featured briefly in the film and they are obviously very proud but at the same time quite bemused as to how Nikki has become such a force of nature. Again, so nice to see 'non - stage parents', as opposed to the Lohans and Cyrus' of this world.
If you like jazz music and you love to see one of those rare creatures - a prodigy - you will be in awe of Nikki. A real and natural young girl, bursting with true talent.
Aaaah, sooo refreshing!!!
So exciting!!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

My most beautiful shoes in the world.

I first saw these little treasures on Saturday.
It was love at first sight. I had palpitations, my breathing was laboured. I had a rush of endorphins.
I think my sister, who I was shopping with, thought I was having some kind of turn.
After she witnessed the spiritual connection between the shoes and I, she told me to buy them. But I refused.
No, I was not going to jump into anything.
Even though they were on sale. Even though they were my size. No, I was going to be strong, mature, and I was going to remember that Alannah Hill shoes were not necessities.
Even if we were meant to be.
I walked away. There were no tears - I'm tough.

So, two days later, after obsessing over what life would be like without them , I went back to get my shoes.
We both bought shoes today , Sd bought running shoes - they were nice enough - but I bought the most beautiful shoes in the world.
We're in a relationship now , the shoes and I. We're very close.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Decisions, decisions.

I decided that it was time for a change to the seat covers of our dining suite. It's quite the unique table and chairs. It used to be my grandma's and despite the fact that I am unaware of anyone under average height from her side of the family, she had the table lowered for some reason so it is a little bit squashy on the legs for most men and some ladies too. Not what you are after at a dinner party really.
I keep meaning to do something about it but it's one of those things I haven't got around to yet. In the last 12 years. Must look into it...
Anyway, the chairs. So I decided that I wanted the four chairs to have different covers that don't match but complement each other. Sounds lovely dosen't it!
I went to Spotlight this morning with my sister ( who is not a fan of any kind of shopping ) to choose the fabrics. It was hard hard hard.
I was so confused by the end, I kind of got what I wanted but not quite. The pink fabric isn't 100% right but out of the 4000 pink fabrics I looked at it was by far the best one. I'm also not sure about the blue and white stripe. I like it alot, but not sure if it works with all the others.
Sd hasn't seen them yet. Not sure what reaction I'll get. I'm guessing he will be as bemused as me. Or he might want to discreetly put them in the bin. We'll see.
If you've got any pointers - point away!!


ps. the photo isn't that good because I took it in 4pm light but I hope you get the idea.

Flowers of the week.

What a beautiful winter flower. They always remind me of my childhood. Being at primary school, walking home and seeing them in front gardens while I walked up Castle St each afternoon.
I love these because they are such glorious warm colours and are such strange delicate creatures. Can flowers be creatures? I'm saying yes for now.

If you are not a regular poppy admirer and you do get some to brighten up a wintery week, don't be discouraged if they don't open up straight away. If there isn't alot of light in the room, they will take a while...but most of them will open up and say Hello eventually.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breakfast of Champions.

I haven't been a cereal person since I was at school. I'm more of a vegemite on toast, eggs on toast, cheese on toast, tomato on toast kind of girl.
I like toast!
Lately, I decided I should try to be a bit healthier and have been trying to eat cereal for breakfast. I wasn't very successful until I found the best cereal ever.

This magical cereal I speak of is Special K Forest Berries. I can't believe how good it is. I really can't.

It doesn't taste like normal Special K at all( a good thing I think ) and I have managed to incorporate it, like a good health - concious person, into my diet very easily.

Now, I am as suprised as you are that I am posting about good cereal. However, it has clearly had such a big impact on my life - I thought I should do the right thing and enlighten others about such a wonderful breakfast option.

Now I'm off to get a life!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

For Kristalee and Lola.

This video is kind of a virtual bunch of flowers, hug and a kiss for Kristalee who writes one of the blogs I read regularly.
She has had an extremely difficult week this week and I am always in awe of her strength and grace.
This sweet little song is for her and for Lola.
It's about dreaming of being with someone you love and having that beautiful, perfect, precious moment with them.
There are many many versions of this song, but I thought Fiona Apple sang it best.

FIONA APPLE - 'Tonight, you belong to me'

Flowers of the week.

Well Hello Lovelies!!

I have been a less than impressive blogger of late I know.
I will be better.
I haven't felt very inspired lately and didn't feel like I had much to say to any of you but I can feel my mojo slowly returning so I'm going to try to go with it and post post post.

I thought I would start with something absolutely beautiful and they are my lovely flowers of the week. They are the first flowers of the week in our new abode.
The flowers are called lupins. They last quite well - maybe a little bit more than a week and they smell very very nice. A bit like a sweet pea. I like how they look a little like wild flowers.