Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet sweet music.

Yesterday afternoon I was doing a spot of lying in bed watching TV, and I happened on a documentary on the Ovation channel about a 13 year old Canadian jazz singer called Nikki Yanofsky.
It was such a beautiful film because her passion for music and singing (as opposed to a passion for attention and fame that seems so prevalent these days ) was so abundantly clear. She is one talented young lady! Nikki is actually 15 now and her career has well and truly begun. In the documentary, her first time in the recording studio was filmed and it was bliss to watch. Her voice is unique and she has cultivated a love for jazz music all on her own at such a young age. Her inspirations are Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera.
Her parents are featured briefly in the film and they are obviously very proud but at the same time quite bemused as to how Nikki has become such a force of nature. Again, so nice to see 'non - stage parents', as opposed to the Lohans and Cyrus' of this world.
If you like jazz music and you love to see one of those rare creatures - a prodigy - you will be in awe of Nikki. A real and natural young girl, bursting with true talent.
Aaaah, sooo refreshing!!!
So exciting!!!