Monday, August 17, 2009

My most beautiful shoes in the world.

I first saw these little treasures on Saturday.
It was love at first sight. I had palpitations, my breathing was laboured. I had a rush of endorphins.
I think my sister, who I was shopping with, thought I was having some kind of turn.
After she witnessed the spiritual connection between the shoes and I, she told me to buy them. But I refused.
No, I was not going to jump into anything.
Even though they were on sale. Even though they were my size. No, I was going to be strong, mature, and I was going to remember that Alannah Hill shoes were not necessities.
Even if we were meant to be.
I walked away. There were no tears - I'm tough.

So, two days later, after obsessing over what life would be like without them , I went back to get my shoes.
We both bought shoes today , Sd bought running shoes - they were nice enough - but I bought the most beautiful shoes in the world.
We're in a relationship now , the shoes and I. We're very close.



Kristalee said...

I lurve the shoes!

Iris said...

Oh wow, these are gorrrrgeous! I love Alannah Hill :-)

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Utter perfection.

Danielle said...

They are fabulous shoes.