Saturday, August 15, 2009

Decisions, decisions.

I decided that it was time for a change to the seat covers of our dining suite. It's quite the unique table and chairs. It used to be my grandma's and despite the fact that I am unaware of anyone under average height from her side of the family, she had the table lowered for some reason so it is a little bit squashy on the legs for most men and some ladies too. Not what you are after at a dinner party really.
I keep meaning to do something about it but it's one of those things I haven't got around to yet. In the last 12 years. Must look into it...
Anyway, the chairs. So I decided that I wanted the four chairs to have different covers that don't match but complement each other. Sounds lovely dosen't it!
I went to Spotlight this morning with my sister ( who is not a fan of any kind of shopping ) to choose the fabrics. It was hard hard hard.
I was so confused by the end, I kind of got what I wanted but not quite. The pink fabric isn't 100% right but out of the 4000 pink fabrics I looked at it was by far the best one. I'm also not sure about the blue and white stripe. I like it alot, but not sure if it works with all the others.
Sd hasn't seen them yet. Not sure what reaction I'll get. I'm guessing he will be as bemused as me. Or he might want to discreetly put them in the bin. We'll see.
If you've got any pointers - point away!!


ps. the photo isn't that good because I took it in 4pm light but I hope you get the idea.