Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breakfast of Champions.

I haven't been a cereal person since I was at school. I'm more of a vegemite on toast, eggs on toast, cheese on toast, tomato on toast kind of girl.
I like toast!
Lately, I decided I should try to be a bit healthier and have been trying to eat cereal for breakfast. I wasn't very successful until I found the best cereal ever.

This magical cereal I speak of is Special K Forest Berries. I can't believe how good it is. I really can't.

It doesn't taste like normal Special K at all( a good thing I think ) and I have managed to incorporate it, like a good health - concious person, into my diet very easily.

Now, I am as suprised as you are that I am posting about good cereal. However, it has clearly had such a big impact on my life - I thought I should do the right thing and enlighten others about such a wonderful breakfast option.

Now I'm off to get a life!