Thursday, December 31, 2009

Week 34.

So it's Week 34.
Actually, it is 3 days till Week 35.

Scary stuff.

I am very grateful that my nervous system has brought me
( and the baby ) this far and not imploded from the cumulative stress!!!!
For an anxious kind of girl, I am quite proud of myself so far. On the whole I have managed to keep myself quite calm for the last 8 months and that is something I wouldn't have thought I would be able to achieve so easily.
It's nice to find I can make myself calm when I really try.
Good to know!!;)

I am feeling pretty good and my only 'problem' is that the customer service at Babies Galore ( in my experience) has been ridiculously bad.
Oh, and that I am finding it virtually impossible to believe that in a few weeks I will have a baby. I think because I haven't allowed myself to think that far ahead, now that it's kind of important to think about that fact, I'm having a bit of trouble.
I seem to have trained my mind a little bit too well!!

I'll go and work on that and you all go and have a fantastic NYE and a wonderful 2010!!
Have a champagne for me at midnight 'cause I'll be on the waters!!

Lots of love from me to you all for a great new decade!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank you , Grazia ! ;)

I used to buy Grazia magazine when it first came out a couple of years ago, but I started to like it less and less because it was a bit too tabloidy for me.
I don't want to read anything about Lindsay Lohan's life. I'm more than happy to know where she got her shoes but that's ALL I want to , I stopped buying it.

I bought it for the first time in ages at the airport the other day and in this week's edition there is a celebrity fashion retrospective covering the last decade. Like I said, normally not my thing, but I was very happy to see this feature because it reminded me of two fashion moments that I LOVED and totally forgot about.

1)Michelle Williams in glorious yellow Vera Wang at the Oscars. Perfection.

2)Lily Allen unveils hot pink hair at UK Glamour awards. So wrong that it's right.

Now, I know these moments may not be to everyone's taste but personally, I found each lady's use of colour quite the inspiration and I wanted to record them here for posterity!

Hope you like!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas lovelies!

I'm off to Melbourne for Christmas so I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2010!!!!!

Thanks for reading for the last few months and thank you even more for all of your comments.
Reading each one of them makes me so happy!

See you soon!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Blossom Dearie - A very special song of the week.

Everything I've got belongs to you - Blossom Dearie.

Oh, how I love this woman. And her jacket in this video.

I've been a fan since my jazz-loving dad introduced me to her music when I was a child.
She was a very talented, smart and funny lady.
She was a New Yorker through and through and musically she was, well, awesome.

Of her songs, this is probably my favourite. I wanted to feature it somehow at our wedding, but as you will hear, the lyrics are a bit too irreverent for that particular occasion!

We went with;
The Beatles - Got to get you into my life ( played at the end of the ceremony),
Ray Charles - Deed I do ( for our wedding dance),
Louis Armstrong - La Vie en Rose ( for the signing of the registry)
and Chet Baker - Somewhere over the Rainbow ( when I walked down the aisle).

Those songs are all about love and romance (and no irreverence!!)

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! xx

Flowers of the week.

Christmas bush.
Feeling Christmassy yet?

I'm still on the hydrangea hunt. There will be one. Potted. In this house by the end of the weekend.

Stand by for photos lovelies!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

I would like to go to an island resort please.

It's generally not my kind of holiday.

I tend to prefer the type of holiday where you know where you are going but have not planned what you will be doing exactly. Where you could really end up doing anything and meeting anyone. Where you don't have to be any particular place on any particular day. Where you can see where the road takes you...

Today, I would do pretty much anything to be told that I am off to a 5 star resort in Fiji or Vanuatu or Bali or anywhere they have islands. I'm not fussy.

I want to be on an island , away from everything and everyone, except Sd.
I would be happy to do the same thing every day and go to the same restaurant every day. See the same people every day.
I would be happy to stay there and not go to or see anywhere else except the island resort for a few weeks.
All of these things are normally factors I avoid like the plague when I plan a trip away. But not this time!

I'd like to go swimming and sit under a tree and read my book. And that's all thank you.
I would not be taking any calls from anyone ( especially from people who are calling to tell me how I must prepare my nipples for breast-feeding ) or checking my emails or anything like that.
Sounds lovely doesn't it?

I don't think that is going to happen unfortunately. But I'll just keep looking at the picture at the top of the post and pretend.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Song of the Week.

Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap.

Ok, so I know I haven't done a 'Flowers of the Week' post for a while.
Here's why.
I want to buy a hydrangea in a pot , to have in the house, for the festive season. When I was little, we always had hydrangeas in the house at Christmas time, from the bushes we had out in the garden or from my grandma's house in Concord West.
Blue, purple, white and pink ones.
Hydrangeas and Christmas bush get me in the Christmas spirit probably more than the Christmas tree does! It's a lovely Australian Christmas tradition isn't it?

I have had this plan for a while now...but none of the ones I have seen to buy reach my lofty standards!
I seem to be looking for the perfect botanical specimen and nothing I've seen so far comes close to that. Yet.
Rest assured, when I find that pesky perfect potted hydrangea, you'll be notified immediately!

Hence, no 'Flowers of the Week' at this time.

In order to compensate for that a little bit, I've decided to give you a 'Song of the Week' instead.

I think this song is as beautiful as any flower and although it has been around for a while, lately I have fallen in love with it all over again.

I hope you like it.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something funny.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I would love it if you would read this.

I was just reading Mia Freedman's blog - Mamamia , which I am sure many of you follow.

She just posted about the horrific murders of Nick Waterlow and Chloe Waterlow and most importantly, how we all can practically help this family through this truly terrible terrible time.

Here is the link ;

I didn't know Nick or Chloe personally. I went to Sydney University many years ago when she was first there and I was friends with some of her friends from high school. I probably met her a few times but she wasn't my friend.

I have been thinking about her husband, her children and her brothers constantly since this happened and have wished that there was something I could do to help.

Well it appears there is. Actually, something we could all do.

A trust has been set up for her children and on Mamamia there are the details of how it all works, where the money will go and how to help.

Essentially, in the short term, the money will allow Chloe's husband to be with his children and help them deal with this horrendous situation.

If you have time, I would really appreciate it if you could go to Mia's blog and read her post and if you feel at all inclined, help this family deal with a loss so enormous I can't begin to get my head around it.

Thanks for reading.