Thursday, December 10, 2009

I would like to go to an island resort please.

It's generally not my kind of holiday.

I tend to prefer the type of holiday where you know where you are going but have not planned what you will be doing exactly. Where you could really end up doing anything and meeting anyone. Where you don't have to be any particular place on any particular day. Where you can see where the road takes you...

Today, I would do pretty much anything to be told that I am off to a 5 star resort in Fiji or Vanuatu or Bali or anywhere they have islands. I'm not fussy.

I want to be on an island , away from everything and everyone, except Sd.
I would be happy to do the same thing every day and go to the same restaurant every day. See the same people every day.
I would be happy to stay there and not go to or see anywhere else except the island resort for a few weeks.
All of these things are normally factors I avoid like the plague when I plan a trip away. But not this time!

I'd like to go swimming and sit under a tree and read my book. And that's all thank you.
I would not be taking any calls from anyone ( especially from people who are calling to tell me how I must prepare my nipples for breast-feeding ) or checking my emails or anything like that.
Sounds lovely doesn't it?

I don't think that is going to happen unfortunately. But I'll just keep looking at the picture at the top of the post and pretend.