Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A spot of decorating.

Hi lovelies!

I have been doing a bit of home decorating in the last week. I've been actually DOING the things I've planned to do for ages.

We've transformed our spare room into a usable space - as opposed to a giant cupboard to dump things in if you don't want to think about them - with a desk and a fold out couch for guests. It looks great and now is a lovely place to spend time.
I've wanted to have a wall where I could hang all the pictures that I have accumulated - all together and I finally hung them on Friday in our new study/spare room. They are above the couch/spare bed. And I think they look wonderful! I keep going in there to have a look at my turned out better than I imagined.

They are a bit small to see any detail in these photos but all the pictures have sentimental value to me. The three down the left hand side are collages I made for Sd a couple of years ago - they are a collection of bits and pieces I collected when we went on a holiday to Italy, France and then to New York. The one in the middle at the top used to hang in my Nan's lounge room (she passed away in 2008) and it's an English village scene. It's pretty generic but I love that it's now in my house I can see it every day. The picture down the bottom with the red shoes in it is a wedding photo - I wore some bright red Terry Biviano satin shoes and they and one red David Austin Rose in my bouquet of off-white David Austin roses and succulents, were the only 'colour' in my wedding. Everything else was off white, cream or silver. They were and still are my pride and joy - so it's nice to see them every day too!

The other thing I did was to finally re-cover our four dining room chairs. I bought the fabric about 6 months ago and again - just didn't get around to it.
There are two chairs in the green and white polka-dot and two in the paisley-floral.
I am really happy with the way they turned out too.

And now for the nursery....



PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Lookin' good! I love photo walls with so many memories. And those mis-matched chairs look gorgeous. Well done!

Oh, and David Austin are my favourite roses - I've got a few of his reds amidst my pinks...