Wednesday, January 13, 2010

People wearing sunglasses.

In November we headed down to Melbourne for a wedding and at the beginning of the weekend we caught up with our lovely friend Dave. He is a photo-journalist and he literally has a camera with him at all times. We spent a lovely afternoon at the Belgian Beer Cafe on St Kilda Rd catching up and hearing about his plans for his next trip to far flung places...

He emailed us this photo recently - taken that afternoon - entitled 'People wearing sunglasses'.

The people are actually Sd and I. I really like this photo because it is simply a moment in time. Nothing more, nothing less. We really don't take enough photos and I'm really hoping that when the baby comes we get our act together and make photography a bit more of a regular occurrence.
Or we will just have to organise to see alot more of Dave!



Corinne said...

What a hot couple you are! A lovely photo. One to treasure.
I hear you on not taking enough photos. It doesn't matter how many I take I always wish I'd taken more.

Corinne said...

PS - how great is Melbourne!

megs said...

Corinne - Oh thanks! Yes, I will treasure it - if only because we don't seem to have that many photos of us lately.
And yes, Melbourne is my Australian city of choice I must admit. I would love to live there and maybe one day we will! If I can just convince my family and friends to move there too...