Friday, January 1, 2010

Not what you want to be doing on New Years Day.

Our cats escaped today.
They are inside cats and never go outside, except to go to the vet.
We were doing a bit of IKEA furniture construction in the spare room and because it was so humid - we opened the window. And then forgot about it.

So, while I was having a bit of pregnant-lady time on the couch after finishing our jobs, and Sd was getting ready to go to the airport - Renold and Franko escaped.

Unfortunately, we didn't realise they were gone till Sd was waiting for a cab and then had to leave while pregnantladyinherpyjamasandbarefeet roamed up and down the street forlornly calling her cats.

I found Franko wedged up in the underneath of someones car - too scared to come out and Renold was nowhere to be seen. I couldn't reach Franko because due to my enormous size I couldn't get far enough under the car.

I called my sister and she came over straight away to help me (Bless her!) and when she arrived she was simultaneously amused and appalled to see me lying on my back in the gutter trying in vain to squeeze myself under a car.

Two hours of trying to coax Franko out ended happily ( for us-not so much for Franko) with my sister squirting her with the Clove Oil and water mixture I use to clean the shower and then finally dragging her by the face out from under the car. About 10 minutes before this, Renold had strolled past us !!?? and I grabbed him and threw him inside the house.

So, now I am filthy from lying on the road and covered in grease from under the car ( as is Franko) but I am so relieved that we were able to find them and that they are back INSIDE!!! The back streets of Newtown are not the place for these particular cats. They have no survival instincts and zero idea about road safety!!

So a big THANKYOU to my lovely sister and a big THANKS FOR NOTHING to Renold and Franko!!



PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Wow, scary! Every now and again our indoor cat escapes, but runs straight under the house {weirdo}. So glad your two are safe - what a lovely sister you have!