Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something funny and yet scary at the same time.

We watch 'The Jon Stewart Show' on the Comedy Channel most nights.
It's an American show featuring political satire.

The show is very funny and at times it can also be inspiring.
He has some very eloquent guests and although he does aim to make his audience laugh, Jon Stewart manages to inform as well.
Each night at the end of the show he has a 'Moment of Zen'. This usually involves a Republican or a die-hard Republican masquerading as a free-thinking journalist on Fox saying something ridiculous.
Last week, the 'Moment of Zen' was a bit different. Stewart played a part of an interview he did with Calvin Trillin in 2006. In the interview, Trillin is referring to Richard Reed - the man who tried to blow up a plane by putting explosives in his shoes. As you do.

This interview obviously took place a long long time before a Nigerian man attempted to blow up an aircraft over Detroit on December 25, 2009. By igniting explosives in his underwear.