Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weird way to start the day.

Disclaimer: I am a long time ( and I mean long) Dannii Minogue fan. I used to watch her every Saturday night on Young Talent Time and taped the episode so I could watch it again during the week. Just to make sure I didn't miss any Dannii details. I wanted to look like her, sing(!) like her, dance like her, do everything like her really.
Since she left YTT, about 500 years ago, I have not followed her career at all however I remain totally devoted to Dannii! Well, not devoted, but let's just say old habits die hard!

This morning I turned on the TV and apparently Dannii Minogue ( my life long friend!;) is pregnant. Usually when I hear this kind of celebrity information I generally have no reaction. However, this is Dannii we are talking about here and I have found myself feeling so happy for her and slightly in shock that this is the case!! And that now I am posting about it!

Anything for Dannii though.

So congrats to her and her partner Kris!! ( now I'm acting like he is my life-long friend too! Hilarious!)

Great news!

and now on with my day....



Ally said...

I am actually really excited about this too!!!

WTG Dannii!

Aneets said...

I too love Danni and am wierdly happy by this news. How exciting for her, can't wait to see her rocking the maternity fashion!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh, now I'm happy too! Bless!!

Kellyansapansa said...

Isn't it funny how much we identify with certain celebrities? It's not really surprising though, the way they are in our faces so much these days. I remember being absolutely devastated for Jennifer Aniston when she and Brad split. I'm sure if I lived in LA I would have turned up on her doorstep with a box of tissues and a massive box of chocolates. Stalker!