Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm having a baby tomorrow.

That's a nice post title isn't it!!!:)

As I mentioned a few months back, I am having a caesarean. And that will happen tomorrow.

I guess I am as ready as a first time mother can be - ie: not ready in any way , shape or form - but that's to be expected I suppose.

I'm ready to have no idea what I am doing.

Theoretically, I actually know quite alot about babies. I have been advising mothers about baby-related things for years now through my work. That seemed to go ok! However, it's funny how now I suddenly can't remember any of that stuff anymore!?
Hopefully, when I get home from hospital - slowly but surely it will come back to me.
That would be very helpful wouldn't it?!

So, the rest of today will be spent doing some last minute jobs and then alot of couch sitting.

So I'll talk to you later I expect!

Have a wonderful Monday lovelies!



Caz said...

All the very best for tommorow Megs. What an adventure you're about to begin. These little people sure change ur life and despite all the massive up and little lows it's all for the best - I'm sure you'll be a wonderful mummy and I'll look foward to hearing more about how it all went and goes in the days, weeks and months ahead. Big hugs and best wishes .....

GregoryJ said...

You sure caught my attention.
Good for you.
You are very interesting, much more than I, especially starting tomorrow.
All the best for you.
Look forward to your next post, whenever you find some time.

Kellyansapansa said...

All the very, very best for this next chapter in your life. Oh - and what a catchy post title, you're definitely going to struggle to beat that one!

Corinne said...

Oh my word!! So exciting!!!!
All the best for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you!
Lots of love and have a really good sleep tonight knowing tomorrow will be the best day of your life.

PS - thanks for the tag, you're sweet!

Kristalee said...

WOW!! goodluck lovely, cant wait to hear the news! Soo exciting.
p.s. Thankyou for the tag xxxx

life and the memoirs said...

Wow Megs, exciting days ahead! I remember clearly, I barely had a wink of sleep the night prior and the night of giving birth to my boys, it's just such an exciting time ahead for you!! Looking forward to your posts once baby has arrived into this world. All the very best x

Getting My Words Out said...

Wow...what a great post for me to discover your blog!! Congratulations!! It sounds like you're prepared for exactly what you should be--to have no idea what to expect! Can't wait for the posts to come.