Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter !


Obviously my routine for J is still a work in progress, so there has been no advancement in the time I can spend posting here. But I will keep trying.

This time last year, Sd and I were spending a beautiful long weekend in Orange. We went to lots of seriously gorgeous restaurants, stayed in a fantastic B&B with no TV, internet access or mobile reception. It did ,however, have a spa in our room and a big balcony overlooking miles and miles of bushland. Not bad huh?
Sd played golf, I read and then in the evenings we ate and ate and ate. And drank. Did I mention Orange is quite the destination for wine-tasting?
We returned from that trip away more relaxed than we had been in a long time. It is amazing how having no technology in your life can lead to a whole new kind of relaxed. A better kind if you asked me!
That Easter weekend I started to take the meds for our first round of IVF. The first step is easy - you take the contraceptive pill to basically get your hormone levels to a balanced low level - from which to begin the injections. I spent quite alot of time alone that weekend ( due to Sd's golf) which I needed - to get my head and heart into the right place to start the treatment.
I went into IVF with zero expectations. I was hopeful (otherwise I wouldn't have done it I guess) and I was afraid. I tried to put all those things aside and just do what was required of me each day in the IVF process and keeping thinking about it to a minimum.

As you all know, that cycle was a success and now we have beautiful baby J.
So, this long weekend, if you are dealing with things in your life that are difficult and scary and even beyond your control - look at my little Easter bunny and know that sometimes, even though may logic tell you otherwise, great and amazing things will come to you.

Happy Easter lovelies!



PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Beautiful story - thank you for sharing. And wow, how blessed you were xx Enjoy your first easter with your darling boy!

Kellyansapansa said...

What a beautiful post and very inspiring. Wishing you the most perfect first Easter with your gorgeous J. xx

TheRealSydney said...

Awww - that's gorgeous. I had a lovely weekend away last year with my man .. and a shit single weekend alone this year .. !

Good times ahead !


Jelenie said...

He's absolutely adorable!!