Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something new.

We are moving on Friday and I am quite excited!! I do like something new!!!
I am certainly not excited about the packing process though. Who knew we had SO much crap under our roof? I am suprised again and again by the strange objects I have dutifully kept for years , only to now look at them and know instantly that the only thing to do with them is set them on fire. Or alternatively put them in an enormous green garbage bag when burning is not an option.

I also wanted to tell you that due to the afor mentioned circumstances, there are no 'flowers of the week'. However, I will make up for it next week. Promise.

So now I am off to comb through more tonnes of refuse upstairs. I swear, I don't know where it all came from. Sd and I aren't really what I would call hoarders!
Maybe it's the cats.

At least, by the time we leave this place, we will have shed many many cupboards full of godknowswhat.

Now that's a GREAT feeling!



Bethwyn said...

Good luck with your move. It's amazing how much can get accumulated, isn't it? Perfect time for a purge though!

Iris said...

That's the one thing I do like about moving house, the purging of unnecessary junk! Not that I ever part with even half of what I should..