Saturday, November 7, 2009

I am unemployed.

I finished work yesterday.
It's a very strange feeling. I have had a job of some sort since I was 13 ,except for a few months here and there when I've been travelling.
I am a bit scared to not have a job but really I have to see this as a short holiday before I start my new job in February that I will have for the rest of my life!!!

I don't have any concrete plans for the next 13 weeks except to read as many books as I can and ALSO to finally finish the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment I have been doing for, oh , about the last 450 years.

I have set the date of November 30 as my due date for all my remaining assignments for the certificate. And I would like you all to hold me to it.

Don't accept any excuses from me please! I'm not much of a procrastinator - except for when it comes to this course. It makes watching paint dry seem exciting.

You can expect a triumphant post from me on November 30 , telling you that finally , I have finished. It's the bain of my life. Really.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!



Kate Too said...

Good luck getting the work finished - I'm sure you'll do it without any coercion from us!

After you finish that up, why don't you plan some fun projects for yourself like...going to spotlight and buying the sort of crafty things you probably loved as a kid, and making something fun? I did heaps of that in my waiting for baby to arrive time and loved it. Just a suggestion - you might not be into that stuff, but its good for calming the mind too. x