Monday, November 30, 2009

30 weeks.

What an auspicious day! So grateful to have made it this far.
These are a little bunch of hydrangeas to mark the occasion.

Don't have much else to say on the pregnancy front except that I now know that I will be having a Caesarean. In about 9 weeks time.
Can't say I have any strong feelings either way on that one, except that I strongly feel that HOW this baby comes into the world is not my highest priority. That he/she comes into the world healthy IS.
Any tips on Caesar recovery would be greatly appreciated!

So this week is all about finishing this bloody course. I'm still not finished but I am persevering and hope that this week will be the last week that I'm doing it. I know I set the date of 30/11 for it to be finished but I lost a week out of my proposed 2 week study timetable because I was exhausted. Long story, but it involved late nights and interstate travelling. And it left me in the foetal position in bed or on the couch for the best part of a week.

So as you can see, I have run out of excuses and now it's off with the internet and on with the most boring course in the history of the universe!

Happy Days!

I hope the certificate they give me when I finish is very big and is gold plated.

Have a great day lovelies!



sparsely kate said...

Dear Megs,

how cool is your blog and why have I not been here before?!?

As you know from reading mine, I am the universe's worst student so take heart! And might I say, if we both put in the same amount of effort in coming up with bankable excuses as to actually writing and doing our work - why, we'd be on our fifth degree each!


Plus you are having a baby. You are allowed to be exhausted and unmotivated for study. Allowed I tell you!


sparsely kate said... less than four exclamation marks in a single paragraph. who's an eager beaver today then?

megs said...

Hi lady!

So excited you have read some of my blog!

In regard to exclamation marks, I'm an eager beaver every day. I'm also quite partial to capitals and to these dots ...
(I don't know what they are called though.)

Exclaim away I say! x