Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ten things.

Another 'Blog this' challenge...

Tell us TEN things you want to do in your lifetime that you've yet to achieve.
It can be as simple as learning to knit, or bungee jump, skydive, maybe eat a whole lobster or travel somewhere, meet a penpal - anything!

1) I would like to live somewhere in Europe. I have never lived anywhere else other than Sydney and I really want to experience daily life somewhere else.

2) I would like to be able to cook a signature dish. Actually I would like to be able to cook a signature meal. An Entree, Main course and Dessert that I cook well and that other people love and look forward to eating.

3) I would like to learn to sew. I buy alot of clothes from vintage stores, thrift stores and markets and I want to be able to make the changes to them that I envisage but don't quite know how to achieve. At the moment I keep my lovely local dressmaker in business I think!

4) I would like to own a dog from a refuge. I have never had a dog. Just cats. I love love love my cats but there is an empty place for a dog in my heart.

5) I would like to be in a chorus line in a musical. I'm thinking that this particular one will happen in whatever retirement village I end up in!! You never know 36 too old be discovered by a talent scout?

6) I would like to volunteer for a charitable organisation - as a full time job.

and now for a bit of juxtaposition for No.7...

7) I would like to own an Hermes bag (and anything else they have there at the Hermes store they would like to offer me thank you!)

8) I would like to eat a meal at El Bulli and at The Fat Duck. Two of the best restaurants in the world. Unfortunately, I may have to sell my Hermes bag to fund these meals.

9) I would like to be a better gardener. I am ok at it but I think that's in the genes in my family. I want to apply myself and become great at it. Like my mum is and my nan and grandad were.

10)I would like to conquer my problems with anxiety. I am well on the way to achieving that thankfully , but there is certainly room for improvement. I would forgo all the other nine things in a heartbeat to achieve this single one.



Psych Babbler said...

That's really nice...I hope you overcome your anxiety too and are able to do the other 9 things on the list! :)

megs said...

Thank you !

Corinne said...

I love your list! :)

Kristin said...

I'm totally with you on 3&7!!!

Melissa said...

I would give up all of mine to get your Number 10, for both of us. I hope very much that your anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

We have some similar ones. Great post.

miss carly said...

lovely list xx

Katy said...

Beautiful list xo