Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guilty Pleasures.

The 'Blog This' challenge for this week is;

Come on! Everyone has at least one! Chocolate? Trashy TV? Magazines? Romance Novels? Designer brands? Maybe it's having a 20 minute shower? Tell us about your your guilty pleasure, why you love it so much, where, when, how and what!

I didn't have to think about this one for long at all!

My guilty pleasure at this time of the year, every year, is Australian Idol.
I will be the first to admit that it is an horrendous show at times! As my husband will testify, it can be very annoying and this year in particular, a little um, underwhelming in the talent department. Future idols seem few and far between in 2009 if you know what I mean... BUT that certainly doesn't mean I wont be watching every single episode. No, I won't miss a thing, even if it means giving the Foxtel IQ a workout each Sunday in order to maintain a happy and healthy relationship!!

I love love love Australian Idol because of the chance that each episode , and indeed each year, maybe someone amazing will be discovered. There is always the chance that one of the contestant's performances will be fantastic. That they will perform better than they have before, that they will sing better than they thought they could - or anyone else thought they could.
It is positively exhilarating when it happens.
I'm quite the cryer when I watch these moments actually.
Just picture it; grown woman, pyjamas, couch , Australian Idol moment , tears , sniffing , husband playing poker online lamenting the day he met her... sounds great huh?
Some weeks these moments can even happen more than once! Other weeks? Not so much.

But still I watch, waiting for THAT moment.

I have downloaded for your enjoyment ( if you are not my husband!) one of those very moments. Actually, I should call it my moment of moments - Guy Sebastian singing Climb Every Mountain in 2003.

Enjoy!.... or not! ;)



Psych Babbler said...

Nice one! This year is a bit blah isn't it? Are you supporting anyone in particular? I think Stan Walker is waaaaayyyy over-rated...sounds like every other rnb person.

Anna said...

quite liking Nathan this year on Idol

and yes my very guilty pleasure is the beautiful and talented Guy Sebastian x

thanks for memory lane - CLIMB EVERY MOUNTIAN memories - I like it Like that!


Beccy said...

I love Guy Sebastian. I still think he's the best idol that has come out of the show since its been running. And this year Im loving Stan, go Stan!

Melissa said...

I haven't watched it for a few years, I'll admit. But my 'moment' was Shannon Noll singing "What about Me".

megs said...

Psych Babbler - No, not following anyone if particular yet. I did go through a bit of a Stan phase after 'Purple Rain' but not so sure now...I think Nathan is growing on me. Will have to wait and see!

Anna - I'm liking Nathan too at the moment. He's had a few 'moments' lately!

Beccy - totally agree, I think Guy is definitely the best Idol so far.

Melissa - I'm not a Shannon Noll fan I'm afraid. Can't give a good explanation though. He's not my cup of tea I guess, however he was impressive on Idol. Have to give him that!

Melissa said...

I'm not especially now either, I wanted Paulini to win that year.

But my favourite Idol contestant ever (and the one and only time I have ever voted on any reality program) was Damien Leith. I hearted him soooo much.

Iris said...

Funny, I was just thinking about writing a 'guilty pleasure' post this morning! And then I realised that I have far too many for just one post ;-)

If I confined it to tv, though, it'd probably be something like 'Midsomer Murders'. Dorky, eh?