Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom.

This is the latest Blog this challenge. I haven't done one for ages so I thought it was about time...

Pearls of Wisdom - what is the best life advice you've recieved? How did you use that advice and how has it impacted on your life's path? What pearl of wisdom have you passed on to others?

So, the best life advice I've received?

Well,I've received two pieces of advice in my life which I carry with me always. The first is from my dad and has kind of turned into our family creed ;
' Trust no one and wear two pairs of underpants.'
Now I will grant you that immediately you would be thinking that my lovely dad is (a bit) mad and (alot) Monty Python-esque. You would certainly be correct there and I have to say that from a young age I thought that this piece of advice was a bit silly, a bit funny and also quite a bit paranoid and 'cup half empty'.
But it has stayed with me.

The other piece of advice is from my grandad, although it was his daughter - my mum, who passed it onto me;
'Everything in moderation'
I always thought this was a good one, but when I was younger - of course I didn't feel that it applied to me. Other people? Sure. Just not to me!

How did you use that advice and how has it impacted on your life's path?

As I have gotten older I have come to find that for me, both pearls of wisdom are little messages that I like to have in the back of my mind from people I trust that help me to navigate the trials and tribulations of this complicated life.
Dad's sage advice now means to me as an adult, that in life you have to go your own way, whatever that may be. You cant do things you know aren't right for you to please other people. In short, follow your heart. You also need a back up plan! Things don't always turn out how you think or hope they will and that's ok and that happens.
Most importantly though, this piece of advice reminds me to not take myself too seriously. It's all about having a sense of humour. It is in my family anyway.
My mum's advice, now that I have reached the ripe old age of 36, is just a gentle reminder that too much of anything just might not be the best idea. I actually KNOW that now. Hello, 13 years of smoking , LOTS of late nights, crap eating habits, stressful private and work life...
That's all in the (fabulous) past now and I have mended my ways.I'm not a saint - my mum and especially my grandad would NOT approve of any saintly behaviour at all! But I'm much much more moderate now. Now that I am an older lady ;)!!!

Which leads me to the next question...What pearl of wisdom have you passed onto others?

I'm not really one for passing on advice to others. Not sure why. I guess I tend to think that I have so much more to learn in life that I feel like a bit of a wanker handing out advice unless I am 100% positive that what I am advising is 100% right for the other person.
However, hopefully, in February I will become a mother for the first time. It has taken me 3 years , 3 miscarriages, and a cycle of IVF to get to this point.
I am going to have to be supplying a few pearls of wisdom here and there to my son or daughter.
I will definitely pass on these ones that have meant something to me, and I will also pass on the one that I have come to know is true on the long journey I have been on to meet my child;

Have faith that if you try your hardest and never give up, you will never have regrets in life.
And if you're very lucky, what you need will come to you.



Bethany said...

Thank you for sharing Megs. Isn't it funny how we come to realise that our parents did kinda know what they were talking about?! I enjoyed reading your post. Good luck in your journey to motherhood. It sounds like you have a lot to offer a child.

Iris said...

These are wonderful! I can fully appreciate having a slighty mad, Monty Python-esque dad ;-)

I think your pearls of wisdom will put you in excellent stead when you become a mother. Particularly the change of underpants one - babies always need a second change of clothes!