Sunday, May 16, 2010

Things I like on Saturday (on Sunday).

This week I have spent the whole week 'on the road'. Sd went to Armidale, Tamworth and Narrabri for work so J and I went too. It was fun, but hard work, but fun. A three month old in a car or a hotel room for an extended period of time works for no one. Let me tell you!
I'm running a day late with this post because I have been wading around in all our dirty washing.Nice.
I haven't really been able to discover many new things this week...but I have managed to find a few;

* The Circle.

I love the women on this show. I watched this every day last week and I often watch it at home when I am feeding J. The hosts of this show - Chrissie Swan, Yumi Stynes, Denise Drysdale and Gorgi Coghlan - are all very natural, real and funny. That's what I want to see on daytime TV or any TV for that matter. It's not rocket science and it has infomercials galore but these people are authentic and it's a breath of fresh TV air. It's on Channel 10, 10 - 12 each morning.

* Addison Road/Marrickville Growers markets.

We went to these markets today for the second weekend in a row. You can get all kinds of organic fruit and vege, eggs, cheese, meat here. It's all really inexpensive and a relaxed environment to shop in - which is important on a sunny Sunday morning. We even saw Gary Meighan from Masterchef here today!
There are all kinds of beautiful muffins, rolls, malaysian and vietnamese food and great coffee ( the coffee stand as you walk in NOT the coffee stand in the middle of the markets). If you menu plan - as we have just started to - it is worth a try. So much cheaper than normal stores!
There are also stalls with clothes, furniture, and other bits and pieces for you to explore too.

* Silly Billyz bibs

This one is for all the mummies out there who go through 5 gazillion bibs per day. Silly Billyz. They have a layer of plastic on the back which means it takes a lot longer for moisture to soak through onto clothes. Saved my life and sanity this week.



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What time is The Circle on ? I want to sneak home to check it out ...